Music video – Your Ocean

so here is my first Official music video entitled “Your Ocean” Hope you enjoy it!

Sound and Motion Mixtape Review: Your Ocean

The wonderful Alex Fraser reviewed my track Your Ocean for the Sound And Motion Mixtape, a monthly feature showcasing some of the world’s finest unsigned artist:

I’ve been privileged enough to review a few things by the ever-enchanting Emma Harrop before for Sound and Motion. It’s always satisfying as an observer of someone’s music to see them progressing, writing new songs and growing as an artist. The last time Emma’s smooth vocals were pouring through my speakers I was watching her on Youtube playing her heart out to a single camera in a darkened living room.

On her latest track Your Ocean she’s clearly going places, most notably into a professional recording studio. The song itself is a simple but elegant love song, Emma’s choice of chords work well for the style of song and her guitar playing is as competent as ever. What makes this track a little special is how well her song craft is backed up by a range of clever instrumental additions. Subtle, lilting piano chords add texture to the verses and warm, enveloping strings ease their way around the chorus like a hug and a warm cup of hot cocoa after a cold walk home in the rain.

I have a special name for this kind of song; a blanket song. Meaning that it makes you feel all snug and secure, in yourself, in life, even if you’re not in a happy place or things aren’t entirely going your way. Pulling off a good blanket song is no easy task. It takes honesty (often of the brutal persuasion), truly genuine subject matter and the balls to sing about it earnestly in a way that is neither self-indulgent nor overtly melodramatic. Not an easy task then, but Miss Harrop pulls it off with an enormous amount of charm and confidence. A sad song, but a good song by a great musician I look forward to hearing more from. AF

I was included along with nine other artists. Click their logo below to be transported to magazine’s website, where you’ll be able to read the review and hear all the tracks.